Love and Magic: Venice

If there is one place in the beautiful land of Italy where you could feel the pageantry of the past times and enjoy the beauties of the renaissance, it is Venice. Enjoy the home town of Casanova – one of the greatest lovers of all times, its wonderful people and stunning sites, and discover many other interesting things about the so called shiniest pearl of the Adriatic sea.


The beautiful city of Venice represents a place where art, romance and history meet. As a favorite destination of millions of tourists from across the globe, it is one of the most visited cities in the world. With its charming gondolas, ideal for couples who want to enjoy ride across The Grand Canal, a bunch of small hidden shops where you can buy a handmade mask for the traditional Carnival and its lovely narrow streets, Venice is a perfect place for everyone who wants to have a unique experience of “la dolce vita”.

A great place to start your tour is Piazza San Marco, the main square, known as the largest sea side square in Europe. The central site is a gorgeous St Mark’s Basilica, one of the most famous examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture. For those who want to take a coffee break as Italians do, at the same time seeking for a special treatment, should definitely check one of the bars at the square. One of them is  the iconic Caffè Florian, established in 1720, as one of the two oldest coffee houses in continuous operation in Europe. You can enjoy your cup of coffee, but be prepared to pay it between 4 and 20€, which depends on the type of service you got.

One of the places you can’t miss while in Venice, is the lovely Academia bridge, which will make you come back home with photos looking like the most amazing postcards from Venice. Prepare yourself – and your crew for waiting in line, as hundreds of tourists cross this bridge, very often stopping by to make their perfect photo shoot. The street following the bridge will take to the breathtaking church called Saint Mary of Health, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who Venetians prayed to during the plague epidemic back in the 1600s.

To finish your tour, take a walk to the famous Rialto bridge, the oldest bridge across The Gran Canal. The bridge is surrounded with a lots of restaurants and lovely local bars. For those seeking for a traditional dish (besides pizza), we recommend the famous Venetian classic, called „risi e bisi“, a simple meal including rise, peas and grated parmesan. You cannot go wrong adding a glass of one of the typical white wines of Veneto region to your menu.


Once you`ve tried it all, make sure you buy some souvenirs for your loved ones and book your next visit to this incredible city. The Carnival or the Venice Film Festival – the choice is all yours.

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