Your Perfect Book Corner

We really wanted to write a post dedicated to one specific place in your home – a book corner.  So, this one goes for every bibliophiles out there, searching for the inspiration while creating their own reading area.

To start, one must think about comfort. Besides the common places we use for reading, every serious book lover knows that is important to have a place at home reserved only and exclusively for reading. Therefore, it is essential to choose a good piece of furniture. A nice traditional armchair or an accent chair with an unusual fabric, along with a small coffee table could be the right choice.


A custom made window seat with a book shelf included, represents the ideal reading area for those searching for a perfect, natural lighting. Combined with some homy cushions and a cup of tea, a corner like this will make your reading time even more exciting and restful.


If you have some free space in your home, in the basement or in your anteroom, and in the same time you are seeking to create your own reading nook, a simple bean bag could be the thing you need.


Adjustable to your body position, this famous piece of furniture can easily substitute an expensive sofa, offering you the possibility to change the location while reading in a minute. It is like you have your own mobile reading space. Along with a fancy standing lamp and your favorite book, the experience of reading will be brought to a whole new level.

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