Top Picks in Rose Quartz and Serenity

This year, Pantone family decided to introduce two shades as their choice for ,the, color of 2016. The shades are Rose Quartz and Serenity. Mixed together, they represent a perfect combination of pastel shades, bringing freshness and purity.

We bring you the most interesting pieces in these colors, which will inspire you to find your perfect outfit in one (or both) of these charming shades.



This lovely feminine dress looks like ,wearable serenity,. Made from beautiful delicate lace, it is a great choice for shiny summer days.



Flower prints, lace and vintage gold jewellery  – this is what Dolce and Gabbana was all about lately. This sexy rose quartz dress, worn by a strong confident woman, is a great way for her to show her gentle side.

pantone_serenity_bagThey say it is all about details. This stylish college bag can be the piece you are looking for when creating the desirable outfit. It matches perfectly with a simple pair of jeans and a nice blouse, but also with a nice midi circle dress and high heels.


These Valentino Rockstuds are a great example of mixing the two colors together. As soon as they got into stores, they became one of the most wanted ones.

Ready to start searching for the pieces that will refresh your closet? We are.

Good luck!

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