All the Buildings in London: That I’ve Drawn So Far

After the great success of his previous book, dedicated to the Big Apple, Hancock surprised the fans with the amazing illustrated journey through London, named “All the buildings in London: That I’ve Drawn So Far”.


This interesting, fresh guide to London as one of the most ravishing cities in Europe – and beyond, brings a whole new perspective of its architectural wonders. From the iconic Buckingham Palace and the great Trafalgar Square, to the modern buildings and constructions, like the London Eye and the Shard – the unique drawings made by this talented guy will blow you away. With a bunch of details, the pages of this lovely book will help you feel the energy and the spirit of the gorgeous city of London from a very specific point of view.

Hope you`ll like it whether you are a tourist, a real Londoner or just a big fan of art and architecture.

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