A Chocker to Invoke Her

We think that the only thing allowed to grab your neck this summer – besides the arms of your man, is a lovely gorgeous necklace called the chocker.

It appeard back in 1798 in France, when wealthy ladies used to wear this simple necklace as part of their imposing dress code.

Talking about the modern version of a chocker, the world got crazy about it back in 1990s, when Spice Girls and other music (and fashion) icons of the era began to wear it.

Recently, chockers got back in the world of accessories, making hundreds of thousands of girl pull out their ones from the “high school memories” boxes under their beds.

In this post, we bring you our pics for you to rock in this summer…


This one is surely the most representative example of the chockers family. Worn with every possible piece of clothes, from the hoodies and boyfriend jeans to flattering summer dresses –  this 90s symbol is a must in your accessories.

chocker double threat

Double trouble? Sure not – this great double threat chocker with tiny tassels is made to be worn along with a simple denim dress, as it recalls fearless cowboys and their unique outfits.


Last but not least, we want you to think about your favorite symbols – a half moon, a cross, Fatima`s hand,..all of them combined with fine lace or a short necklace can make a lovely chocker. You can either buy it or do it yourself.

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