Take me to Paris

Want to experience “la vie en rose”? Never been to Paris? Now is ,the, time to change the situation – pack your bags, your red beret, and book a ticket to the city of lights!

This city, known as one of the most popular and visited in the world, has so many things to offer – you simply couldn`t tell someone where should they start the tour.

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One of the things you shouldn`t miss at all is the breathtaking Eiffel Tower. Constructed back in 1889, this tower is 300 meters tall, and it is the tallest structure in Paris. With three levels, restaurants, bars and amazing panoramic view from above, this iron beauty is the most representative symbol of this exciting city. It is a great place to take the most amazing pictures, to strike a goofy pose with friends, a great selfie,…the options are numberless. For the brave ones – talking to YOU guys, this is the place to ask your girl to marry her! Who could say ,No, in Paris?


The capital of France will catch your attention in many ways – no matter if you are seeking for architectural wonders, museums or just a nice bar where you can enjoy your glass of rose, just as Parisians do.

Another place you must see is the outstanding museum – The Louvre. As a central landmark of the city, and one of the world’s largest museums, the Louvre preserves within his walls some of the most precious collections, some of them including the masterpieces like da Vinci`s Mona Lisa and Vermeer`s Astronomer. Not to mention the luxury a Napoleon III apartments, with gorgeous furniture and thousands of unique pieces, representing the good times in a life of a great emperor. Make sure to wear comfy shoes and do not forget a bottle of water – a tour through Louvre is a true touristic marathon.

louvre museum

There are so many other sites to see and explore in Paris – but if we would try just to list them (without further information) this post would be huge. Therefore, we will just mention the most important ones: Notre-Dame Cathedral, a stunning medieval catholic cathedral; Moulin Rouge, a world famous french cabaret; The Montmartre – a famous hill, a true heaven for hundreds of artists and poets.


And many many more. Our advice is to visit as much as possible – when it comes to the sites. But try to save some free time to explore the ,non touristic, parts of this magical city. Do not miss the wonderful wide streets of Paris (and the small ones either), the looks of the Parisian girls with their lovely berets, the fresh croissants and a cup of coffee in the morning, a tasty french cheese and a glass of fine wine for lunch, and an evening promenade through the gardens of the Champs-Élysées.

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