Summer Must Have: A Pleated Skirt

One of those pieces of clothes that haven’t stop being trendy from season to season is a pleated skirt.

From your mother’s old photographs to your closets, it has passed a long journey and now it’s there – in every fashion magazine, worn by every stylish girl in the city.


The shape through the history hasn’t change – but the fabrics and colours surely did. Thus, nowadays you can purchase every type of a pleated skirt you wish. From the classical twill skirt or the one made of fine tartan, to the leather ones.

You are very welcome to play not just with fabrics, but also with design and length. Combined with a nice crop top, the shorter version of this skirt makes a perfect summer outfit. At the end of the summer, when cold nights sneak in, a hoodie or a slouchy sweater, a simple clutch bag and a pleated skirt can be the choice you might make.

pleated skirt2       pleated skirt1

Don`t be shy – buy yourself this versatile skirt and have fun while running the streets of your city!

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