Liberty and Lace: Le Bralette

When it comes to new trends in clothing, we can see and hear about updates almost every day. But all the news are mostly related to specific pieces of clothes, like pants, skirts, shirts, blouses, jackets, or some of the many accessories.

Still, the trends in the world of lingerie haven’t changed so often. Until now. Besides the words like push up, sport and plunge bra, you might need to enrich your ‘lingerie dictionary’ with some new words, like bandeau (a strapless version of a bra, made of cotton or lace), demi-cup or a soft cup bra, and the most popular one – le bralette.

The story of bralettes and other ‘new bras’ is not so old, but they became popular recently. One of the many reasons for the expansion is the fact that these models of bras are more comfortable than the classical models. Also, bralettes are much easier and interesting to match with other clothes, like long summer dresses, tops and shirts. Speaking of summer, a classical push up bra can be really annoying, uncomfortable and it will definitely make you sweat.

This is why the fashionistas all around the world decided to put away their bras, embracing this new style. Here are some inspiring photos of ‘how to wear a bralette‘ we chose for you.

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