Savage Beauty by Alexander McQueen

In the world of fashion, there is one name you have to remember – Alexander McQueen. This amazing artist, who left us too early, will always be remembered by his imaginative designs and a never ending desire to challenge and provoke the limits of fashion and art.



The book named Savage Beauty – which in one way describes exactly the kind of personality Alexander had, tells us a history about the artist’s life and career, from the very beginning to the end. It contains everything you ever wanted to know about the distinctive and unique way McQueen acted and worked.

With a help of all the people who closely collaborated with Alexander, the book has been enriched by interviews, artist’s quotes and a lot of great photographs. And a lenticular cover made by Gary James McQueen – Alexander`s cousin, is a piece of art by itself as it represents the true spirit of this amazing artist who left this world too soon.

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