Fall Jacket Inspiration – Your Fall Jackets Don’t Have to be Dull

Even though the first thing we think about when someone mentions the fall is us wearing boring colors, this October you must break the spell. Especially when it comes to jackets. They are the main pieces of the outfit, at least that one piece everyone sees on the street. What are you wearing underneath is often hidden. This is why you gotta have an exceptional jacket while hitting the road. And colors must be very present.


An over-sized bomber jacket

This super popular model was a true “must have” since it appeared on the fashion scene. We saw it in so many sizes, colors, and it was made of so many different fabrics. This particular piece is an over-sized model, with birds and flowers in a girly, powder rose color. Still, it is quite unconventional because of its shape, which lets you combine it with either pants or jeans. The real fashionistas will wear it with a pleated skirt.


The green coat

This green Miu Miu coat is absolutely fabulous. It can pull out even the most boring fall outfit ever. It represents one of those pieces every girl has in her closet, and she usually decides to wear it when she wants to give that one last touch her usual office look desperately needs. So, do that way, and you will not regret it. It will warm you up on a cold morning, and you will be surely noticed while running to catch a taxi.


The military jacket

Just when we all thought that the military style has left the fashion world once for all a few years ago, last year it came back in big style, and it haven’t left ever since. The bomber jacket, the famous parka and others – they all came in military style. This model, with a romantic touch – thanks to the multicolored butterflies, brings us closer to the rough shades of green. It is pretty easy to combine with the all present jeans and some black pieces of clothes, with sneakers or high heels…So be a brave fashion soldier and feel safe while wearing this interesting piece.

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