Nail trends for fall 2016

Besides gorgeous and inspiring pieces of clothes we have seen at the last Fashion week, one thing that has definitely caught everyone’s attention were the nails of the models.

The colors, the shapes, the extravagancy and the classiness – you could see it all in one place. We bring you the top 3 trends that will definitely be ,in, this fall.

New french manicure

The most popular trend has been improved with some new shades of rose, beige and white. As well as colors, the shapes and styles also got a modern twist, making this classical trend even more desirable for this fall.

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2016 Collection   nokti2

2. Sparkly and colorful

You want to be a queen of a frozen kingdom, or a grunge princess? Maybe this fall it is the time to make the dreams come true. One of trends that beautician make up artists set up for this fall, include strong, intense colors mixed together, like midnight blue, black and red. On the other side, some of them decided to use brighter colors, and add some sparks, stars and other details to them, for a more romantic look.

nokti3   nokti4

3. Funk it up

If you are a fan of 3D designs, Swarowski cristals and nail stickers, this last category is the right place for you to find your inspiration. The artists let the imagination to guide them, and it eneded up with the great 3D nail constructions and a bunch of arty and colorful stickers on models nails. We know some of you out there are brave enough to try this trends too.

nokti6   nokti5

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