Besides Venice, there is another stunning city famous by canal cruising. It is the capital of Netherlands, the one and only – Amsterdam. It was before known mostly by the notorious Red lights district, but in the last few years, this city has developed and improved, becoming one of the most versatile and adventurous cities not not only within, but even beyond Europe.

This exciting city is a true northern beauty, that will immediately  make you fall in love with its people, the buildings, the art,…We are sure that even the most experienced traveller couldn’t describe a wonderful place like Amsterdam is in just few lines. In spite of that, we will try to describe the most interesting things this city has to offer to its visitors, whose number is increasing every day.


Canal cruising

One of the things that make Amsterdam so attractive for thousands and thousands of tourists are its canals. They are 165 today, and because of their great importance they were recognized  as a UNESCO world heritage site. Your site-seeing when in Amsterdam will be much more interesting if you decide to do it floating down the canals. The cruises are various, from those planned for a family,a group of friends to those romantic, dedicated to couples.  Choose the one that best fits your needs and interests, and meet Amsterdam from a whole new perspective.

AMSTERDAM - Feestgangers vieren de eerste Koningsdag op het Kingsday Festival in en rondom het Olympisch Stadion in Amsterdam. ANP KIPPA KOEN VAN WEEL

King’s Day

This is one of those rare parties that everybody gets the invitation for. Amsterdam, as well as the rest of Netherlands, once a year becomes a huge party space with live music, traditional food and exhibitions. The canals are filled with boats, and the streets are crowded with locals and tourists. There are only two rules to be followed on that day: wear orange and have fun.


Museum marathon

Museums are one of things that make Amsterdam so special and attractive. With the army of visitors that enter the doors of the many available museums every day, the city became one of the top cities when it comes to art fans all across the world. Start your tour at the stupendous Rijksmuseum, rest your mind Stedelijk museum of modern art, and then spice it all up by visiting the Van Gogh Museum. The marathon will probably take even a few days, especially when you begin to explore the list of all the museums in the city. Yet, if you are a true fan, you might want to see (among others) the hidden Museum Ons’Lieve Heer op Solder, or the Joods Historisch Museum in a Jewish quarter. Enjoy the tour, and don’t forget that participating in any kind of marathon demands a bottle of water and comfy shoes.

We hope this small virtual Amsterdam tour intrigued you enough to make this exceptional city your next destination, and if so, may your tour be pleasant.

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