In the Company of Women

We don’t want to write (or talk) about feminism and the importance of women in the human society. Throughout history, they proved so many times that they can be as much powerful, brave and successful as men were. Despite of that, a lot of  women still want to prove themselves nowadays, and some of them are very persistent in doing it. Their fight, or better said, their story of success, is almost every time a great, touching and inspiring one.

Here is a short story of a book which celebrates the power of women and all the amazing work they are able to do. Written by Grace Bonney, a very successful woman herself, this book is entitled “In the company of women”. Grace runs a design blog called Design*Sponge, and was inspired by a group of women who decided to start their own business or to something new and exciting in the existing working field. This is when the book came alive.


The concept and the idea were clear –  to show what can be done if we want something really bad. With all the difficulties and the obstacles. All of the characters in a book made it at the end, and the final results are in a book. We don’t want to discover too much, so here are some of the reviews instead:

“Surprising, real, and illuminating.” – Vogue

“A triumphant compendium of interviews with more than 100 female entrepreneurs, from activists to designers to bakers…The interviews are accompanied by stunning portraits of the women in their homes and work spaces.” – Elle

in-the-company-of-women-2While turning the pages of this book, you will “meet” over 100 brave women from different parts of the world, all of them dedicated to different jobs and passions. Through their photographs, interviews, and advice, this book will tell you a unique but a common story as well, starting and ending with one sentence: It always seems impossible, until it’s done.


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