3 Ideas for a Unique Nightstand

If you are searching for a nightstand for your bedroom, but you have trouble finding one, maybe we can help you. In this practical guiude, we bring you three creative ideas for a unique nightstand, which will hopefully be a good start for you while buying yourself one.


Almost classical, but still very interesting and unusual, this nightstand could be the right choice for all of you who are seeking for a simple place near your bed, where you could put your book on before falling asleep.


Having a big bedroom gives you a chance to use more space for additional decoration, as well as other pieces of furniture. Having in mind the fact that a nightstand is not being used just for table lamps or books, you might consider buying a pair of nightstands, in order to use them for storing other things. You can buy them – ore make them by yourself, playing both with colors and shapes.


If your bedroom is limited by square meters, this doesn’t mean that your cerativity has to be limited too. Floating nightstands are an excellent choice for small bedrooms – they save space, but still they are very functional. Their flexibility regarding the position and the height on the wall, leaves you space for other decoration.

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