Best Accessories for Winter 2016

When cold days come in, we often forget about accessories. The only things on our mind are how not to feel cold, wear comfortable clothes and once inside – take a hot coffee or a nice cup of tea. But we should always have in mind that, being ladies, we must take care about the accessories during winter as well. Often, they become that one piece that you were waiting for to make your outfit complete. Here are some of the most popular accessories for this season.

A pair of gloves

Gloves are one of those things in our closet that can never become outdated. This is why they are considered to be a symbol of classiness and elegance. You can choose a simple black pair, or some of the thousands of prints and colors that are available. You can choose different type of fabrics as well, in order to follow the commands of fashion     leaders, who established gloves as one of the main trends for this winter.



We all dreamed of being a princess once when we where little girls. Now it’s possible, as tiaras appeared on the runways during Fashion weeks this year. Since that moment, they were seen on photo shootings, commercials, on the streets and red carpets. They represent the true tenderness of a woman, but at the same time their sophistry and power.


Mini bag

We fell like bags have become girl’s best friends recently. It might be because we simply don’t have enough money to buy diamonds, but as well because designers started to create these lovely tiny bags that we can live without any more. They are really practical and easy to match with different outfits, and they have enough space for our basic things when we are out. Not to mention the shapes, the fabrics and colors they are being used to make these babes.


The winter is already here. So don’t hesitate – get yourself these – and other trendy pieces and welcome the holiday season with style.

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