The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined

This is not an ordinary book. Nor a catalogue. This is one of those things every true fashionista should have.


Starting from a very unusual point – a definition of a word vulgar, this great piece represents a kind of a dictionary. Along with the definitions of the word – sometimes related to fashion and clothes, and sometimes not, it makes the reader reconsider his/her own definition.

“Vulgarity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.” – Judith Clark

“The vulgar, like fashion, is always a copy.” – one of the definitions in the book

“The vulgar reassures us that the one thing money can not buy is class.” – one of the definitions in the book


Having in mind the fact that vulgarity is very present – sometimes even welcomed, the world of fashion and design represents the perfect soil. The trip begins with the very beginning of the fashion history, including the modern era. All of that, plus more than 200 ravishing images, to make this fashion cheat sheet complete. The transcripts of interviews with leading designers of today, like Christian Lacroix, Zandra Rhodes and Manolo Blahnik, make the book even more inviting for readers, especially for experts and fans in the fashion branch.

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