Top Trends for a Stylish 2017

New year – new trends. Still, some of them were stolen from the previous seasons and chosen by designers to make another round in the world of fashion and style. Here are the survivors, the offsprings and the newborns.

Stripes strike again

Proenza Schouler Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2017 in New York

Mostly a synonym for sportswear, as time passed, stripes managed to break the spell – and the stereotype. They appeared on the fashion shows across the globe, on dresses, shirts and skirts and decided to stick a while. And we are forever grateful. According to designers, they will not leave us in 2017 neither.


Art, prints and patterns


Arty pants and jumpsuits will be one on the ‘must have’ list for 2017. Bright colors, hundreds of patterns and prints, mixed together or combined with a piece in a neutral color, the choice is yours. No rules when it comes to this one.


Ruffle Shuffle


Want to add a little bit of volume and brightness to your outfit? According to designers, there is no better way than adding a ruffle or two. They will completely rule the year – on blouses, skirts, even coats and jackets. More is less, so don’t hesitate.


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