Top Ideas for a Beachy Bedroom

During the summer time, all we want is to plan a perfect day at the beach, swim, have fun and enjoy the sun. No matter if you are staying in the hotel or you are renting a home at the beach,  there is always something around there that screams SEA. Everything around us is painted in bright colors of the summer, like blue, white, yellow and green.

But when holidays come to an end and you come back to the town, all the good mood and that special summer vibe gets substituted with the traffic jam, work and stress. You are back home, in your boring bedroom, with no traces of summer in it- except the tan on your skin and a few photos on Instagram.

Still, if some of you want to stick with the summer memories in your own place, here are some great ideas for the beachy look of your bedroom.


You don’t have to be super successful in interior designing. All you need is a nice piece of raw, unfinished wood – to get the natural touch and a feeling of being in a old boat. Besides that, make sure to use all that photos you took – not just to show them to family and friends. One of those could hang on a wall just above the bed. In that way, you can bring the nice memories every time you enter the room.


Even just by choosing a different pattern for the bed sheets can contribute to the beachy look of your sleeping area. Make sure you use some bright colors – all shades of blue are more than welcome. Along with some small details like sea shells, candles or decorative stones, your bedroom will look great.


Let the pillows do the work. In the era of letters and sentences written on our clothes, shoes and bags, pillows aren’t an exception. Choose those with writings and drawings that best recall your summertime memories.

Hope we inspired you with our choices. We are sure that these will definitely help you to keep your mind on the summer mode, and make you enjoy your living (and sleeping) space more than before.

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